System solutions

for stainless steel and insulating units

System solutions

for stainless steel and insulating units

Highly insulating front doors

  • Application: Front doors, high thermal insulating, for low energy housing
  • Insulation: Excellent thermal insulation (up to U = 0,35 W/m² K)
  • Material: High profile matererials, excellent workmanship
  • Design: Aesthetic variations of surface, windows and door hardware


  • Stainless steel
  • Color coated
  • Cavities fully insulated


  • 60 mm PU foamed
  • Stainless steel surfaces
  • Color coated

Iron Fittings

  • Stainless steel bands
  • Stainless steel lever handle sets / push handles


  • Handle sets
  • Frame colours
  • Door leaf colours
  • Shape and number of windows
  • Surface design

Ehrenfels Isoliertüren provides the front doors for the Energie Efficiency Center at the new building of the Center for applied energie (ZAE-Bayern). The Ministry of Economy promotes with the EnOB – Research for energy efficient building and the High-Tech-Campaign future in Bavaria this trendsetting outstanding project.