System solutions

for stainless steel and insulating units

System solutions

for stainless steel and insulating units

Smoke/heat vent type RWA 25.080 in version B1

  • Application: For freezing, cooling and insulated rooms; for ceiling or wall mounting (lying, hanging or standing), therefore usable everywhere.
  • Safety: Tested electric or gas cartridge drive with approval, therefore accepted by all fire protection authorities
  • Design: Stainless steel blade and frame in all RAL colours, therefore blends seamlessly into the façade and is very weather-resistant.
  • Energy costs: For freezer rooms, for cooling rooms or insulated rooms, therefore energy costs are saved and the environment is protected
  • Seal: 4-sided rubber seals and dampens the closing process, therefore eco-friendly and ecological
  • Variants:
    – Flaps standing in the wall or lying in the ceiling
    – Opening upwards or downwards
    – Release electrically, by gas pressure or pneumatically
    – Elements 80 mm or 140 mm PU-insulated (U-value from 0.35 to 0.15 W/m²K)
    – Release as stand-alone solution or combined in various combinations with on-site fire alarm systems and manual release mechanisms


  • 2 mm stainless steel
  • For every wall construction


  • Electric drive
  • Stainless steel belts
  • Gas cartridge drive


  • For ceiling or wall mounting
  • For freezer with heating
  • Lying, hanging or standing
  • In various sizes
  • Battery buffering


  • In all RAL colours
  • Stainless steel in various finishes