System solutions

for stainless steel and insulating units

System solutions

for stainless steel and insulating units


Ehrenfels Cooler & Freezer Doors – a European enterprise

EHRENFELS that means cooler and freezer doors of the top class. An enterprise, that – on the basis of excellent quality – increasingly distributes its products all over Europe.


  • Our company is growing continuously by coordinating all performers and exploiting the potential of the market.

  • We know how to do it and we use this knowledge, in daily business and in change projects. This is how we increase sales and profitability.

  • We identify with our company as shareholders, business leaders, managers and employees, knowing that only success ensures the future.

  • We are in respect of new challenges, but in the same time convinced that we will be successful.

  • We appreciate our economic growth as a result of our team work, of the personal growth of each individual and of responsible behavior.


  • Our company is Europe’s quality leader in the field of insulating individual panels and door systems made of stainless steel for the food processing industry. Our customers in business-to-business are retail and end customers.

  • Our customized products are antibacterial, insulating, non-corrosive, robust, durable and attractive.

  • Our in many decades accumulated experiences and expertise offer to customers safety and satisfaction in old and new markets for years.

  • We appreciate collegial work and pratnership inside and outside the company. We seek our customers short- medium- and long-term benefit.

  • Customers satisfaction is the result of the expertise of our staff and the excellence of our organization. We offer insight to our ergonomic and ecological processes.


  • We use our creativity and efficiency to maintain our personal and economic sovereignty.

  • We work cooperative over all hierarchical levels.

  • We are reliable partners for colleagues and customers.

  • We are honest and tell the truth. We give colleagues, employees and customers feedback on request.

  • We provide ergonomic and environmental working conditions and ensure the health of our employees.

  • We treat ourselves, colleagues and clients respectfully.

  • To preserve the proven is legitmate, to tackle the unknown is the challenge. This task we face.


The following values are the base of our company:

  • Sovereignty
  • Collegiality
  • Reliability
  • Honesty
  • Sustainability
  • Respect
  • Courage