System solutions

for stainless steel and insulating units

System solutions

for stainless steel and insulating units


  • 2014 Structural realignment
  • Logistical revision of production
  • Revision of the acquisition
  • Significant expansion
  • Delevoping new products and new customer groups (e.g. Parking Spot WC)
  • The Ehrenfels brothers plan and build a new production facility of about 5,000 m² in the new industrial area of Karlstadt
  • Shut down of the old buildings

1998 A new press brake is added to the sheet metal working area

1995 Ludwig Ehrenfels hands over the management of the company to his two eldest sons Dieter and Uwe Ehrenfels

1994 Installation of the new, fully automatic center of sheet metal processing

1991 Purchase of a extensive unit for uncoiling

1987 Construction of external store

1985 New annex of the dispatch hall and showroom

1984 Establishing of the sales office „North“, Mr. Wandt

1982 Beginning of cooperation with sales office Winterthur, Switzerland Mr. Stäheli

1977 Use of the first NC machine for sheet metal processing

1974 Construction of a new assembly hall with office rooms

1970 Completely new door designs in sandwich construction launch of the revolutionary foaming

1968 Construction of a new „shed“ hall and office rooms

1967 First contacts to other european countries are linked

1965 Construction of another factory building and a silo

1961 After 40 successful years Bruno Ehrenfels hands over the company to his son Ludwig

1957 Economic boom! New production halls are built.

1952 The cold chain principle is limitated in Europe. It offers new products and programms.

1924 Specializing in refrigerator counters and refrigerator doors

1922 Bruno Ehrenfels establishes the company as a carpenter for kitchen, living room and bedroom furniture